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“Grocery shop” analogy for exxen digital platform by Acun Ilıcalı from Kubra par

Haberturk writer Kubra Par likened Acun Ilıcalı’s digital platform Exxen to “a stillborn project, it does not hold” using the expressions “grocery store”.

Kubra Par, a writer for Haberturk newspaper, said that Acun Ilicali “does not hold” for its digital platform. Par likened it to a” grocery store “for the digital platform, which he described as a” stillborn project.” Acun Ilicali also warned Par “” do not be fooled by the rating of the competition programs he makes on television, ” he said:

“Acun Ilıcalı Exxen will establish a digital platform. But I think it’s a stillborn project because… When there are world giants in the form of Netflix and Amazon Prime, No one wants to hisse for a limited platform. However, more young people are becoming members of digital platforms. The new era is open to the world, because they love Foreign series, most prefer Netflix or runaway broadcasts on the internet. And they don’t cut their allowance every month for the Turkish platform.

Netflix’s budget for new content alone in 2020 is $ 17.3 billion, which means an average of $ 130 billion. Amazon Prime has committed $ 8 billion to this. Acun’s Exxen remains like a grocery store in the face of these giant companies whose total budgets we can’t even imagine. Don’t be fooled by the ratings of his competition programs on television. In the country of 82 million, almost everyone özgü a tv in their home, but even the number of members of Netflix in Turkey is less than 2 million.

Actually, it’s been tried before, and it didn’t work. Examples in the biçim of Blue TV and Puhu TV did not even come close to Netflix. You can’t compete by pulling a team every 6 months against foreign competitors who add dozens of new series, movies, documentaries every day, doing a mannequin competition.”

Survivor Player

After the Survivor competition, Nisa Bölükbaşı was removed from the Survivor project staff, which will take place in Exxen. Source: big shock to Survivor Nisa! Why did Acun Ilıcalı remove Nisa from the Exxen squad? Why did Nisa close her Instagram account?

Nisa Bölükbaşı, who recently confessed her love on her social media account with the appearance of kissing videos with actress and former Survivor contestant Barış Murat Yağcı, was released in the surprise Survivor project prepared for the Exxen platform she özgü been working on for a long time.

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