Exxen İos İndir – Exxen İphone

Exxen İos İndir – Exxen İphone

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exxen tv apk indir

What Is Exxen? What happened to the emissary?

The name of the speakers, who have a lot of fanatics in our country, is the removal of all episodes of the Youtube program from YouTube in an instant, the agenda has sat on Twitter, the most talked about season of social media is still here. As everyone questioned why, something called Exxen appeared. In fact, if we look at this, Exxen is not something new, it is a platform that özgü been talked about and will be officially introduced nearby. So what is Exxen? How I did that? Are we going to use it well and how much are we going to pay? Here are the answers to all these questions…

What Is This Exxen?

Exxen is a digital display platform established by Turkey’s media magnate Acun Ilıcalı, which will be introduced on January 1, 2021. You may also think of a new Blu TV, similar to a new Netflix. Exxen, just like Netflix, will release series and movies, and it seems that only programs will be talked about a lot. The success of Exxen, which will also feature Talk shows and competitions, is curious. Just like other platforms, the status of two types of member Systems özgü been announced at Exxen, which will be free. Exxen, which will be offered two types of members with and without ads, is known to show a small amount of advertising to users who buy advertising members. It is claimed that Exxen, which does not immediately disclose member countries, will accept Amazon Prime, which özgü just entered the Turkish market, as an example, for a low fee.

What about Exxen?

Exxen will have a lot of series and programs, Acun Ilıcalı made by the explanation was finalized. Currently known TolgShow, Mevlut, Fight Club, Survivor Cup, as well as Ali fig & Mesut Can Tomay will be in Exxen. The aktarma of YouTube’s beloved programme spoken word to Exxen, in particular, seems likely to be more of an agenda item for a long time to come. In addition, Haluk Bilginer will be at the head of the Honor Bey name of the series will meet with exxen’de watch.

Speakers Switch To Exxen

Hasan Can Kaya’s talk show program, which was prepared and presented on YouTube, is now being broadcast on Exxen. After this news, the 28-episode Silent team, available on their Youtube channel, later announced it with a live screening. During the reception of people as guests, Hasan Can Kaya chat and joke with the environment was a very fun environment. Our people, who were shut down at home by the time of the pandemic, had gained 1.7 million followers in 7 months and 196 million views i

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